stay outta my drawers…

’cause what’s in there is not for sharing.

I am a freak in the kitchen, and I can only adore my boyfriend further for his putting up with my terribly possessive nature about the place. I have intimidated him into not wanting to use any of the appliances without my permission and/or supervision, and as awful as I feel about, the spoiled brat in my head still says “But it’s miiiiiine, you’re gonna breaaaaak it!”

Yes, I find his quest for the best homemade salsa fascinating and wonderful enough to surrender my beloved Cuisinart food processor to his hands, knowing all the while that I will always have the stand mixer to myself. We both love food, and we love to eat, so it’s always funny to me to see what food can do to people. The passion, the fire! I love it.

Tastes like yum.

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